Towards a global movement to end speciesism

Month July 2020

The myth of species

For David Olivier, the concept of species only possesses the fundamental value we attribute to it because it is the key to the ideological system that accompanies it.

Taking the basic interests of fish seriously

Although more and more people are speaking out against the injustice happening in slaughterhouses, we tend to forget the floating abattoirs we usually call “fishing boats”.

Meat consumption and domination marking

Over the last few decades, people have become increasingly sensitive towards animals in general and behaviours are slowly beginning to change. This unfortunately hasn’t translated into any kind of improvement for the vast majority of animals.

The case for realistic radicalism

By criticising humanism, we could be throwing the baby out with the bathwater, or in any case, that the general public might think we are. David Olivier believes that this fear is largely well-founded.

On superiority

Equality simply means that if we treat individuals differently, or give them different rights, it should be for specific reasons other than social class, race, sex or species.

Animal Advocates Should Focus On Anti-speciesism, Not Veganism

For Magnus Vinding The core of antispeciesism is clear, easy to communicate, and much follows from it in terms of the practical implications.

Humanism and the promotion of a natural order

David Olivier exhaustively deconstructs the speciesist-humanist ideology, demonstrating that it can exist only on a foundation of assumptions about innate natures and essences that have long been debunked by science.

Taste and murder

We are not simply or passively immersed in natural or social culinary traditions or taste preferences, and we do not cling to our practices solely by “force of habit” or inertia – rather, these practices have meaning for us, a specific significance to which we are actively committed.

Abortion and animal liberation

Speciesism is perhaps nowhere more pronounced than in the protestation about the fate of the human conceptus, while the sentience of other animals is declared morally irrelevant because they are not human.

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